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Field Support Capabilities

Thermal Dynamix engineers have a veritable wealth of knowledge and experience on endothermic and exothermic atmosphere generators, ammonia dissociators and parts. Not only those manufactured by Thermal Dynamix but on Rolock and CalAlloy equipment as well. In fact, we have more experience and expertise on Rolock and CalAlloy equipment than anyone else in the world. We also have almost all the old records of Rolock and CalAlloy.

Although we make no claim of expertise relative to atmosphere generating equipment sold by others, it may be useful to point out that many builders of furnace systems used relabeled Rolock generators retorts and other Rolock components in their equipment. Rolock built many dozens of atmosphere generators for furnace builders who then attached their own their nameplate and resold as their own equipment.

Experience has taught us that our value to a plant operator is in our technical expertise; not our ability to swing wrenches. We’ve come to appreciate the practical capability of an operator’s own maintenance staff and the economic benefit of using that staff.

Our engineers provide technical advice and hands-on guidance on start-up, operation and maintenance. You provide the manpower; we’ll show you what to do with it.

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