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1500 SCFH

Electrically Heated Endothermic Gas Generator: This Thermal Dynamixendothermic generator comes equipped with touch screen automatic control for the regulation of chamber temperature, process gas outlet pressure and carbon potential. The output flow, is matched to the process needs minimizing the discharge of expensive process gas up the stack and maximizing operational efficiency. The system provides a turn-down capability of somewhat better than 3.5:1. Chamber temperature trends and process bar charts continuously show temp, set points and % carbon.


Setup is straight forward and easy to follow on screen. Each Thermal Dynamix generator is a package unit, completely self contained and requiring only three connections; an electrical, one for fuel gas feedstock and the process gas output connection (A vent hood or outside vent connection is also required). The Thermal Dynamix generator is designed for natural convection cooling. With no cooling fans or blowers to maintain cooling costs are minimal.

endo 4a.jpg


Generator Top:

As with all Thermal

Dynamix™ electrically heated atmosphere generators, either the heating element(s) or the retort can each be removed, if necessary, without disturbing the other.



Gas Train:

The gas train is complete and self contained. Necessary gauges are direct mounted and positioned for easy observation.



Retort Base:

The generator is equipped with a rechargeable retort. The retort is designed with a flanged top and removable base enabling the catalyst to be removed with having to remove the retort from the chamber. Admittedly, changing catalyst is a messy job but at least with the Thermal Dynamix™ endo generator the catalyst can be removed from the retort without having to pull the retort out of the machine.


The process involves simply removing the inlet vestibule of the retort (8 bolts) and allowing the catalyst to fall onto a tray or drop cloth and then removing the top (exit) end of the retort (4 bolts) and pouring new catalyst into the retort.




All generator operational controls are face mounted on the control panel enclosure. Operation controls are simple and straight forward. Temperature and carbon control is by a simple touch-screen controller.

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