We at Thermal Dynamix™, take pride in our work, our equipment and our record. We concentrate on atmosphere generators; Ammonia Dissociators, as well as Endothermic and Exothermic gas generators. And we build a lot of them. Because we stick to what we know, we continually dovelop superior products. TD equipment is efficient, reliable, durable and cost effective. We don’t do furnaces or ovens because there are others who do, and do so very well.

Thermal Dynamix™ atmosphere generators provide economy of operation, durability and ease of maintenance. A number of furnace manufacturers provide Thermal Dynamix™ atmosphere generators when the requirements dictate the need for such equipment.

Our Atmosphere generators are equipped with sophisticated controls that match output gas flow to process demand. That means the system isn’t sending process gas up the flue. It’s making only as much as is needed by the process being served. If the demand isn’t there the system automatically adjusts the output. This is a tremendous improvement over old style generators that produced gas at whatever specific rate they were designed for, sending all excess gas up the stack.

Our expertise in system design comes from many years of collective experience in designing and building processing systems for the heat treating industry.

Take a minute to read our Terms and Conditions. They’re simple and straight forward; we don’t use small print.

The warranties are different for spare parts than for Systems; the major difference being the length of time each warranty provides.

Thermal Dynamix™ (A Judd Service Company) designs, engineers and fabricates atmosphere generators for commercial and industrial use. We can design and build a system specifically to fit your needs or we can fabricate one from your proprietary design.