Ammonia Dissociators
Ammonia Dissociators are used to separate or “crack” anhydrous ammonia into its constituent components; to “dissociate” the elements from each other.
Atmosphere Distrbution Panels
Atmosphere Distribution Panels are used to distribute the process gas generated by one or more atmosphere gas generators (usually ammonia dissociators or endothermic gas generators) to one or more atmosphere users.
Endothermic Atmosphere Generators
Endothermic Atmosphere Generators are used to produce atmospheres necessary for the scale free hardening, carburizing and carbon restoration of steel as well as the cover gas for the annealing of copper and for the silver brazing and sintering processes.
Exothermic Atmosphere Generators
Exothermic Atmosphere Generators are to produce cover gases in the heat treating of bright metals, and provide a carburizing atmosphere by providing an inert and explosion-proof environment in which to mix chemicals, formulate flammable recipes or prevent combustion.
Strip Cooling Systems
Strip Cooling Systems are for strip or wire annealing furnaces. Such systems include co-axial pressure type systems for use with either water or water-glycol media.